Is how I’m feeling at the moment.     My peace is shattered.   My life is ruined.   Not only are the Greens escaping all blame for the disaster at the Pike river mine , the government poised to accept a new Constitution which wouldn’t pass a citizen’s referendum and the wider world’s news all bad but my summer retreat is being overrun by rabbits.

Yes, rabbits.   Dozens of them.    The Fusspot counted 13 capering on the lawn yesterday morning and has vowed to Fix The Problem.    My general usefulness and hunting prowess has been called into question and even though the Chair Stealer/Duvet Denier has tried to calm the situation by pointing out that I can’t be expected to be in 13 places at once She won’t listen.

I  thought she loved me unconditionally but I have been called impotent and rabbitshy and she is on the phone to her doggier friends trying to borrow a Jack Russell or some other terrier for a few days.

I am devastated.   I am heartbroken.   How will I cope gracefully if I have to share my home with a gloating fleascratcher.   Especially if the fleascratcher solves the Rabbit Problem.


9 thoughts on “Grrrr…Grrrrr…….Grrrrrrr

      • I thought the old fashioned cage followed by bucket of water which worked a treat with rats should be the answer to the rabbit problem but it’s proved useless. Rabbits are cageshy so the Fusspot will have to find another way to protect her herb garden. Though I don’t think she need bother. If I catch a pre herbed bunny I regard it as a definite plus as it means less work for her in the kitchen.

  1. I understand your exasperation Pompuss! Poor baby, I feel that way too when there are too many CATS around all wanting me to be at their individual beck-and-call… but I thought that irritated cats did h-ssss, h-sssz , h-ssssz not grrr, grrr, that is for the rabbit-catching terriers. HOWEVER, I have to announce to you that there is a way to live happily ever after between cats and terriers. I will send you a picture or two via email that demonstrate the principle of the peaceable kingdom. At my house there were two Scottish terriers, three cats, and several birds all living together very calmly and happily. Maybe you could learn a thing or two – but then of course I am an animal magician…

    • Look forward to the pics of animal Utopia. In the meantime, would you like to come and visit? There’s an old top hat up in the attic and your magician’s skills would be useful popping all these rabbits back into it. The Fusspot would be delighted and my ageing bones could have a rest…….

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