Mr Ginger Tom Again……….

You’ll remember that I’ve long been concerned about the Rake’s Progress of Mr Ginger Tom.    He first appeared in my blog after a cyber chum sent me a portrait showing him clutched to the bosom of the Mona Lisa.   (I was green with envy).   Next thing I knew, Mr Ginger was in the news for busking in the street at Covent Garden, masquerading as a lion in an Essex meadow and strutting his stuff somewhere in Germany.

Always eager to know what he will be doing next  I’ve tracked him down to his personal lair.   At Geekosystems he has managed to insert himself into several other famous paintings and  I want the  assorted airbrushers there to know that they’ve got the wrong cat.

It definitely should have been me.   Not this imposter:-

The birth of Ginger Tom – apologies to Sandro Botticelli



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