Driving Dogs………..are still just dogs……

Videos of  rescue dogs learning to drive cars in New Zealand have been shown around the world (Sniffs) so I thought it was time I posted one of the clips.  (Sorry about the unavoidable human stuff before you get to the fleascratchers)


Okay, I’ll admit these mutts are smart….BUT….I  wouldn’t have one of them as my chauffeur.


A Stark Choice….. African Lions vs Savannah…….



African savannah has shrunk in extent by 75% in the last 50 years.   During that time  Africa’s lion population has declined from about 100,000 to approximately 32,000.

This loss of numbers is so rapid that the US Fish and Wildlife Service is considering adding lion to the endangered species list which would mean that trophy hunting would be affected as trophies could no longer be imported to the US.

It’s a conundrum.   Trophy hunting provides a livelihood for some local communities and if it were stopped there would no longer be any incentive to maintain the open savannah where lions live.    Eventually  humans would spread out over African plains and lion habitat would be destroyed.    At present, trophy hunting helps preserve lions.

Which to save?      My big cuzzies or a patch of grass?

Politician Abandons Cats…….Was Mr GT one of them?

Some politicians  pretend to care about people or animals but in fact their “compassion” is only a way of stroking their own egos and telling the world how great they are.   However from time to time they are caught out.

Yesterday the SPCA collected two ginger unneutered male cats from a house previously occupied by John Tamihere.   The cats had been left for 11 days with no food or water and were euthanased as they were found to be suffering from feline Aids.


After reading that link I think that at last we have discovered what Ginger Tom has been doing – and it’s not a pretty tale.

Shame on Mr Tamihere and RIP Mr Ginger Tom if you have finally met the Great Cat.