Politician Abandons Cats…….Was Mr GT one of them?

Some politicians  pretend to care about people or animals but in fact their “compassion” is only a way of stroking their own egos and telling the world how great they are.   However from time to time they are caught out.

Yesterday the SPCA collected two ginger unneutered male cats from a house previously occupied by John Tamihere.   The cats had been left for 11 days with no food or water and were euthanased as they were found to be suffering from feline Aids.


After reading that link I think that at last we have discovered what Ginger Tom has been doing – and it’s not a pretty tale.

Shame on Mr Tamihere and RIP Mr Ginger Tom if you have finally met the Great Cat.


2 thoughts on “Politician Abandons Cats…….Was Mr GT one of them?

  1. What kind of animal (excuse the word) is John Tamihere? To leave 2 kitties in a home without food or water is unexcusable. In fact it is cruel and obscene. I am amazed that Tamihere was ever elected to office with a cruel streak that he has. I know the Great Cat will sentence him to his just deserts when he comes before him one day.

    • I was surprised to learn that John Tamihere had treated his cats this way. He went into politics after a career running a community Trust which helped the poor in our largest city. Admirably, though part Maori himself, he gave assistance to anyone in need regardless of ethnicity or religious/cultural background when the law is such that he could easily have only helped his own.
      In Parliament he calls a spade a bloody shovel and says exactly what he thinks, regularly upsetting the more pc members and press. In some ways he is a breath of fresh air but I agree that this episode is deplorable.

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