He’s Here Too……….

Mr Ginger Tom is upping the ante.

Not content with inserting himself into classical well known paintings he’s also selling himself to modern commerce and impersonating Rudolph.

What does he think he’s doing.   It isn’t  December yet so there’s no excuse for appearing in a silly hat.


Useful…..But Fat…….

(A big thankyou to Geekosystems and an equally big apology to King Phillip IV and Diego Velasquez.)

This is not a job after which I hanker.    I’ll leave this one to Mr GT.    Not that I’ve got anything against royalty but it does look like hard work……

Mr Ginger Tom Again……….

You’ll remember that I’ve long been concerned about the Rake’s Progress of Mr Ginger Tom.    He first appeared in my blog after a cyber chum sent me a portrait showing him clutched to the bosom of the Mona Lisa.   (I was green with envy).   Next thing I knew, Mr Ginger was in the news for busking in the street at Covent Garden, masquerading as a lion in an Essex meadow and strutting his stuff somewhere in Germany.

Always eager to know what he will be doing next  I’ve tracked him down to his personal lair.   At Geekosystems he has managed to insert himself into several other famous paintings and  I want the  assorted airbrushers there to know that they’ve got the wrong cat.

It definitely should have been me.   Not this imposter:-

The birth of Ginger Tom – apologies to Sandro Botticelli



Is how I’m feeling at the moment.     My peace is shattered.   My life is ruined.   Not only are the Greens escaping all blame for the disaster at the Pike river mine , the government poised to accept a new Constitution which wouldn’t pass a citizen’s referendum and the wider world’s news all bad but my summer retreat is being overrun by rabbits.

Yes, rabbits.   Dozens of them.    The Fusspot counted 13 capering on the lawn yesterday morning and has vowed to Fix The Problem.    My general usefulness and hunting prowess has been called into question and even though the Chair Stealer/Duvet Denier has tried to calm the situation by pointing out that I can’t be expected to be in 13 places at once She won’t listen.

I  thought she loved me unconditionally but I have been called impotent and rabbitshy and she is on the phone to her doggier friends trying to borrow a Jack Russell or some other terrier for a few days.

I am devastated.   I am heartbroken.   How will I cope gracefully if I have to share my home with a gloating fleascratcher.   Especially if the fleascratcher solves the Rabbit Problem.

Time Truth is Told (Again) at Pike River………

The revenge seeking Pike  River families have found a pro bono mining safety expert who will study and opine upon the report of the Commission of Inquiry into the loss of 29 lives at the mine.     Coupled with renewed calls for a change of law to enable criminal prosecution of companies their directors and executives should health and safety standards be breached,  we have a recipe  for endless litigation (which won’t be pro bono) and many opportunities for that grand old sport of witch hunting.

I’ve said it before but I’ll bore you again.    The real culprit in the Pike River mine disaster was the Green movement whose supporters argued against an open cast, and arguably safer, mine site claiming that the installation of  ventilation shafts would damage native forest.

To put it bluntly.    It may be that the companies employing the dead miners have blood on their hands but so do the greens.

Elephant Enunciation……..

Reuters has a report about a real live talking elephant in a zoo in Korea.

I am not at all surprised. Elephants are reputed to be highly intelligent and to have good memories so of course Koshik has always understood everything that has been said to him.    Just like I do.

I think I’ll spend the rest of the day practising “More salmon please” so I can be the first speaking cat.