Pompuss McVanity

I’m the same self-referrent, endlessly opinionated cat I always was but have moved to a new home and taken on a new address to escape an attack site debacle. I am convinced that a dog caused my problems at Webs.com.
Check in here to see the latest on endangered species (especially felines) and my rants on speciesism.

Now what else can I say about myself…….

I’m a beautiful silver white Persian with a taste for the finer things in life…….beauty parlours, warmth, time to think about the peculiarities of politics….
Rare fillet, salmon – smoked or raw, tuna sashimi, cream, dark chocolate and sweet baby mice are my favourite food.

I love being pampered, having people pay attention to me and listening to my opinions.
I detest dust, cold houses, empty dinner bowls and dogs of any shape, size or description.


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